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Curriculum Intent

Our Ways of Being Co-op run through our Curriculum Intent





Do what matters most…

Our curriculum is about what matters most to our students, a curriculum which will give them the best chance in life to succeed and to become a cooperative, considerate and contributing member of society. Students are given a breadth of choice and an ambitious and exciting range of opportunities in which to immerse themselves. Students are engaged in a range of texts and literary works across the curriculum to develop a love of reading for knowledge and pleasure.

We have planned for all students to be able to access a core foundation of knowledge and skills, which can then be built on and used as a springboard for success in qualifications they take at our academy and then beyond.




Be yourself, always…

Our curriculum is an interwoven web extending beyond the classroom. This supports students to develop as a whole person. We ensure all of our students are given equitable, enriching opportunities to access experiences that help them to find their place in the world.

Alongside our classroom based curriculum we collaborate with external partners to support students so that they develop personal resilience and a growth mindset through a broad, rich set of experiences, to equip them in facing the challenges of the wider world.



Show you care…

Through a comprehensive CAM+ programme, our students are able to live in social harmony and gain valuable life skills, benefiting from a range of broad experiences and personal growth opportunities; preparing them to be active members of modern Britain.

Students know how to keep themselves safe and healthy. They are able to make informed choices about their future pathways as a result of comprehensive personalised advice and guidance.



Succeed together…

Our curriculum ensures students’ success is not defined by their postcode, circumstances, need or other characteristics. It is not just inclusive, but is built upon equity to ensure that all are afforded the same chance of success.

Our curriculum:

  • is accessible by all, and relevant to all
  • exploits local, regional, national and international opportunities
  • ensures every student is challenged and supported to excel
  • celebrates and develops the full range of talents, skills and abilities
  • exploits the rich and diverse nature of our community, promotes tolerance and celebrates diversity
  • recognises and exploits the interconnected nature of subjects across the academy
  • exploits the ‘togetherness’ that being part of a Trust and being connected to the sponsor and other partners brings.