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Student Expectations

Steps for Success:

Be on time to school, and to every lesson

Lessons start at 8:30am. Students should be in school before this time. 


Wear the correct uniform

We regularly check that students wear their full uniform including blazers and ties.

Students wearing skirts should ensure these are pleated and knee-length. Shoes must be plain black. Any make-up most be subtle and jewellery is restricted to a single pair of stud earrings. 


Be equipped for lessons

Every day students need:

A black/blue pen, a red pen, a pencil and a ruler.

Year 7 and Year 11 students must bring a bag to store books and revision materials in. bags are recommended for Years 8, 9 and 10. 


Complete work outside of lessons

Complete any homework/independent learning set by your teachers. 



Have the right mind-set

Being a good learner doesn’t just mean behaving in lessons, it’s also about being:

  • positive and determined
  • curious and able to ask great questions
  • not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them
  • able to make links and connections in their learning
  • able to work with others

Great learners can work independently by showing the 5Rs below:

Resilient – persists, overcomes difficulty, takes risks.

Resourceful – shows initiative, demonstrates research skills, creative, works well interdependently.

Reasoning – thinks and reviews, analyses patterns, deals well with conflicting ideas.

Responsible – motivated to pursue goals, acts on feedback, proactive partner in learning, skilled at working collaboratively, shows leadership skills.

Reflective – learns from experience, can improve on own learning, learns from research, helps to create the big picture, makes own connections in learning, reflects and acts on feedback.