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Homework (Independent Learning)

Homework and other forms of independent learning are proven to help students get ahead.

How much Independent Learning should students do?

  • Core subjects (English, Maths and Science) will set tasks every week, for all students.
  • In Years 7, 8 and 9, students will have two tasks to complete for each other subject over the half-term.
  • In Years 10 and 11, students will be set tasks fortnightly for their other subjects.


How are the tasks set?

  • Tasks are set in advance on Google Classroom.
  • Teachers will often use other online services that offer the best resources for their subject.

Help with Independent Learning

What websites and apps do different subjects use - and how does my child log on to them?

Once logged in to their Google account, students are recommended to visit our student home page at to find links to the below services. Some of these require an additional username and password and some allow students to sign in using their academy Google account.


Accelerated Reader (for Year 7 and 8)

  • Via the button on the student home page
  • Accelerated Reader supports children with their reading, including fun quizzes on the books they have read. The Librarians can remind students of their usernames and reset passwords.

eBooks and Audiobooks


  • Via the button on the student home page or go straight to
  • Our English and Science teachers sometimes use Educake to set interesting online activities for homework or in class.  Students should ask their teacher for a reminder of their username or to reset their password.


Sparx Maths

  • Via the button on the student home page or go straight to
  • To sign in, students just search for ‘Co-op Academy Manchester’ then log in as instructed by their Maths teachers. 

Seneca for Year 11 French / Spanish.


  • Xello is a careers website at
  • Students use their academy Google email address as their username. Students should use their date of birth as their password in the format DDMMYYYY

Can parents and carers see what tasks have been set?

Parents and carers can opt-in to receive Guardian Email Summaries. Fill in this form to let us know you want to join in.

Alternatively, you can sit with your child as they log in to Google Classroom.

How does my child log in to Google Classroom?

Click the ‘sign in’ button at

To log on to their academy Google account from home, students will need to use their academy email address – it will look like – they then use their Google password.

If your child is struggling to remember their email address, please contact academy reception. Once your child sets their password we can’t see it anymore, but we can arrange for it to be reset.

How does my child find their way around Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is used all over the world, so there are lots of helpful guides out there. This video gives a very clear tour and has some useful chapters if you want to skip to certain sections.

My child can’t see anything in Google Classroom


My child needs a code to join classrooms

When a student logs in to Google Classroom using their academy account, it should automatically show them all the ‘classrooms’ for every subject they study. They don’t usually need to join classrooms with codes.

Problems can arise when students are not using their academy account.

Sometimes students are logged in to their Google account, but they are also logged in with another account – this can confuse Google Classroom.

  1. Try switching between accounts
  2. Try logging out of all other accounts
  3. If you are using Chrome, try setting up a new profile for the student’s academy account (this will keep the different accounts separate)

Can my child use YouTube with their academy Google account?