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Eid Celebrations

We hope that all of our families are looking forward to their Eid celebrations and we wish all our students and their parents/carers a blessed Eid al-Adha later this month. 

The academy will stay open as normal on Monday 17 June as we have many non-Muslim students who are still expected in school. 

How to request time off for your child for Eid

Please write us a short letter or email (to in advance. You can use the template below. 

Letters should include:

  • Your child(ren)’s full name and Year Group(s)

  • The date your child(ren) will be absent

  • The name of the parent/carer requesting the absence

  • Whether this is a full-day absence, or only for a morning or afternoon. 

It is important that we have a written request from you in advance. 

Please speak to the attendance team via 0161 795 3005 if you have any queries. 


How this affects your child’s attendance


Part-day absence - your child can be marked as attending the academy if they:

  • arrive at the academy in the morning following Eid Salah (this can be a little later than the usual start of the day)

  • sign out and leave at 12 noon to join their families.

The benefit of this is that students don’t miss as much of their learning. In addition, your child’s attendance rate is not affected.


Full day absence (permission asked in advance)

If your child is going to be absent for the whole day to celebrate Eid you must:

  • Send a letter/email or copy of the note below in advance.

Your child will be marked with an authorised absence.


Full day absence (permission has not been asked in advance)

If your child is absent for Eid and you haven’t informed the academy, your child will receive an unauthorised absence until you contact the school.


Please note that the academy has a Faith Room available for all the students every day.

Eid Mubarak to all your family.

Mr Glover