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Year 9 Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Polio (DTP) & Meningitis ACWY vaccination

Below is an important message from the School Health Immunisation Team for parents and carers of children in Year 9. 

Dear Parent or Guardian 

The School Health Immunisation Team will be visiting your child’s school to offer the DPT and Meningitis ACWY vaccinations.

These vaccines are offered to children in Year 9. These are the ‘school leaver boosters’ before your child leaves high school and will complete your child’s vaccine courses and provides lifelong protection.

Please click on the link below to complete the consent form: 

Please make sure that you submit the consent form ASAP to ensure your child receives their vaccines. It is important that you complete the form, even if you do not want your child to receive the vaccine.

If the consent form is not returned, we will not take this as a refusal. A telephone call may be made to you to obtain your consent, or your child may be asked directly if they wish to consent for the vaccine themselves.

If you are unable to complete the form online or you have any questions, please contact the School Health Immunisation Team on 07973 698 166.

A paper consent can be sent to you if required. (Alternative languages are available).

Yours sincerely 

School Health Immunisation Team